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​Welcome to 

                  Yoga Croi



The benefits of Yoga​
- it helps reduce stress​
- boosts energy levels​
- increases flexibility & strength​
- improves sleeping patterns​
- improves breathing & posture​
- teaches relaxation & meditation
                              YOGA Croi hold weekly  classes in Lucan

Classes are held at Ballyowen Castle Community Centre & at Esker Educate Together NS Esker Lane, Lucan .    Our yoga space are candle lit with soft music to relax and unwind, offering a peaceful space to enjoy your practice of yoga.

Yoga is a wonderful practice for body and mind. 
Its brings body, mind and spirit into harmony. 
Yoga means to "unite". It has been proven to keep
the body healthy and the mind calm,
so that contentment, balance and harmony
can be brought into our daily lives.

                    *** New Term Dates now available *** 
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