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Carmel Bergin Dip/YSI
I'm  a qualified yoga instructor, and I've been practicing yoga for almost 12 years.  I qualified as a yoga instructor in May 2012 with the Yoga Society of Ireland and I've been teaching ever since.  It was my personal love for yoga and the influence of a wonderful yoga teacher that sowed the seed for me in becoming a yoga instructor.  Since then I've been on a wonderful journey shared with many new life long friends. Yoga is now part of my life.  I feel it's like a tonic for the whole body and mind.  For me yoga is not only about postures breath work and relaxation, it's about carrying yoga into your daily life by having appreciation and gratitude for all.

Colette Griffin Dip/YSI
I took up yoga over 12 years ago.  It was infectious from the start.....   .....bringing suppleness to my body, allowing more positivity into my mind and a general feeling of well being.  It seem almost a natural progression therefore to share Yoga with others so I took on a teacher training course and qualifying as a Yoga teacher in May 2012 with the Yoga Society of Ireland.  Since then teaching has been a wonderful experience along with personal daily practice.  Yoga opens up your heart allowing us to share with and be part of the universe.
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